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Newsletter 7 - October 2013 Download here (3.4MB pdf)
In this Issue
News from Khandro Rinpoche
Pilgrimage stories from Bhutan, Lahoul, Ladakh and Zanskar
A visit from an old Friend
Khachodling Project Updates
Teaching Reports from Australia and Hong Kong

Newsletter 6 - February 2013 Download here (1.6MB pdf)
In this Issue
News from Khandro-la
Living and working in India
Lahoul 2013
Australian connections
Meeting in Indonesia
Dharrma in action

Newsletter 5 - May 2012 Download here (1.9MB pdf)
In this Issue
News from Khandro-la
Blessings of Dharma in Perth
Renewal - A Personal Journey
Khachodling Project Report
Khachodling Nuns Update
Teaching and Pilgrimage Reports

Newsletter 4 - September 2010 Download here (730kb pdf)
In this Issue
Life is impermanent! Who would have known that when I left for Ladakh this year, it was soon to experience the worst disaster in its history and my pilgrimage group would be caught in it!
How amazing is this life – so full of twists and turns and unexpected phenomenon. How easily we forget the truth of life’s impermanence and take everything for granted!
Ladakh Disaster Appeal

Newsletter 3 - February 2009 Download here (1.2MB.pdf)
In this Issue
Nomad eye care
Dakini's abode
Zanskaar Pilgrimage
Mulbeck Hospital
Padum stupa
Malaysia / Singapore

Newsletter 2 - September 2007 Download here (700kb.pdf)
In this Issue
An amazingly profound Pilgrimage
Cultural Program in sani
Report on nuns and Building Program
Friends of Khachodling
Amchi herb Collecting
Poerty / testimonials

Newsletter 1 - September 2006 Download here (660kb.pdf)
In this Issue
Journey to visit Yogini Nuns
Himalayan Yoginis
A Poem
Picnic Day at Nyma Ozer Cave – Zanskar
Landscape Thoughts of Zanska

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